Ergonomic Assessment

We can prevent injuries, improve the health of your employees and save you on your health management cost related to musculoskeletal injuries caused by inadequate job design, computer workstation designs and suboptimal working practices by reducing or eliminating and risks with an ergonomics assessment and implementation of the recommendations.

Our process incorporates the world leading proprietary Humantech ergonomics systems and involves a comprehensive assessment of your operations/job, recommendations and implementations of recommendations. You will be also provided with a comprehensive report with a summary to help management with decision making.

Our process includes an initial workstation and job design survey to study the workflow and a discussion with site manager/employee(s) on the job tasks. This will then be followed by specific studies simplified as the “find it, fix it and check for success” process to identify specific ergonomic problems. The findings will then be documented on an integrated Ergonomic Problem—Action Form. The specific ergonomic problems in a job will then be reviewed and examined to determine the level of ergonomic acceptability using a structured and formalized rating system. The Best Exposure Scoring Technique will then be used to determine a job hazard score to prioritize the risk. The risk, risk rating and physical stressors are then documented on a Baseline Risk Identification of Ergonomic Form. Recommendations for action will then be provided and categorized into engineering, administrative and work practices control and then implemented as per your approval. Evaluations of the implementation will then be monitored and corrective actions will then be taken as needed. Let us help – please call or email us with your inquiries or request.