Respiratory Protection Program & Fit Testing

Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is the Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) required in the event that engineering and administrative controls cannot adequately control airborne hazardous contaminants.

Concurrently, Part 18 of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code (2009) communicates that RPE are also indicated if the work area has reduced oxygen concentration by less than 19.5% of air or if the concentration of airborne contaminant or a combination of airborne contaminants exceeds their occupational limits. In order to meet regulatory requirements and nurture a safe working environment a code of practice or written respiratory protection program must be developed and implemented (includes fit testing).

The respiratory protective equipment must be approved by NIOSH or by a different equipment analysis and standards setting institution approved by a Director of Occupational Hygiene. In addition, the selection, use and care of the respiratory protective equipment must in accordance with the CSA Standard Z94.4‐02. We can complete your entire respiratory protection program or complete sections of it, such as the fit testing and/or education and the periodic surveillance. Let us help – please call or email us with your inquiries or request.