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Drug & Alcohol Testing
We perform test during regular hours however we specialize in after hours and weekend testing. Irrespective of whether you need drug and alcohol testing for a Post Incident, For Cause, Random Testing or as part of a Biological Monitoring Program, all our testing will be completed as per the industry or U.S DOT standards by a certified drug and alcohol technician. We...
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Audiometric Testing
We will be happy to test all your employees across your organization at different sites via our mobile medical unit or affiliate clinics at a reduced flat fee per individual. You have the option of managing and keeping the testing records or our occupational health team (Nurse or Physician) can be assigned to manage your records and your noise exposure program...
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Respiratory Protection Program & Fit Testing
Concurrently, Part 18 of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code (2009) communicates that RPE are also indicated if the work area has reduced oxygen concentration by less than 19.5% of air or if the concentration of airborne contaminant or a combination of airborne contaminants exceeds their occupational limits. In order to meet regulatory requirements and nurture...
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Job Demands Analysis
Do you want to assess a job and use the assessment report to serve as a benchmark? Do you want a job/jobs appraised to establish fair compensation rates and collaborate with government agencies for job classification when monitoring workforce activities? We can help you by completing a Job Demands Analysis (JDA) and providing you with a comprehensive JDA report...
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Ergonomic Assessment
Our process incorporates the world leading proprietary Humantech ergonomics systems and involves a comprehensive assessment of your operations/job, recommendations and implementations of recommendations. You will be also provided with a comprehensive report with a summary to help management with decision making. Our process includes an initial...
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Independent Medical Examinations (IME)
Do you need an IME completed to clarity your/worker’s medical condition, treatment and work restrictions or to facilitate access to a specialist or specialized medical treatment more quickly? We can assist. We have industry expert Physicians that specialized in IMEs for musculoskeletal disorder, mental health and substance use disorders.
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OH&S Program Development / Compliance Orders
Our OH&S specialist will consult with the OH&S officer regarding the request and the needs of your operations and then address the compliance order in accordance with current regulations. Your request and needs will be kept confidential and addressed promptly to keep your employees, safe, health and give you the peace of mind...
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Employment Medicals
Pre-employment, pre-placement, periodic medical assessments helps mitigate occupational disease/injury, operational cost, and disability cost directly or indirectly related pre-existing medical conditions or
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OHN and Onsite Emergency Medical Staffing
We can support your operation or cover your staff member or temporarily add to you staff by providing you with occupational health professionals for pre-hospital emergency care, disability management, fitness to work assessments, health promotion initiatives and more depending on your needs...
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